Piu | Sommerhaus Piu

Piu | Sommerhaus Piu

Sommerhaus PIU is a modern wooden prefab house that offers with its simple, but detailed design an uncomplicated house for every age and desire. PIU is for people who gain to spend more time in a natural environment. It can be used as a part time summerhouse as much as a permanent dwelling. The floor plan offers 60 square meters living space plus the canopied terrace with 35 square meters. The design, the natural materials and highly developed construction details try to avoid invasions into nature as much as possible. The prefab construction, fabricated by experienced carpenters, guarantees a high quality standard for a long-life product, a short construction period and a low price for the owners. Although it is a prefab design Sommerhaus PIU works with a flexible floor plan and a design that fits in every landscape. As if it is supposed to be here is one of the commentaries we hear often – which expresses exactly the intention of Sommerhaus PIU.

client: Sommerhouse Piu

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