Piu | Authentics

The Piu series brings a consistent design of tableware, glass and thermos jug to your table. Despite their different materials, the elegant, slightly waisted Piu thermos jug of high-gloss plastic and the equally waisted Piu porcelain tableware with matching glassware exhibit a homogeneous quality. Thanks to its intelligent plop-top closure with silicone membrane, the thermos jug can be opened and closed using just one hand. Whether for conference table or dining table, you can rely on Pius vacuum glass insert to maintain the temperature of hot or cold drinks. With the matching, stainless steel tea strainer insert, the thermos jug also makes a perfectly adequate teapot. The Piu thermos jug can be taken apart in a matter of seconds, making it easy to clean, inside and out.

Client Authentics
Date 2009