Trolley | Richard Lampert

Let’s design a pedestal for the office! Three small boxes in a big box? Are you sure you need this? You know the hanging file drawer? You open
him and find no files but the hand bag, breakfast, water bottle, news paper or your book for lunch time. The other drawers contain scissor, marker,
pens etcetera.
Our trolley can take exactly those items. And it should become your mobile darling. Something you enjoy to move next to your Eiermann table in the office, a little extra platform with some storage. Or your secretary serves some snacks and drinks for your guests at the conference table. Such a trolley can be moved home, next to the dining table or on the terrace.
When you think about it, you can use it in quite a few other places, in classic grey or in joyful green, with or without bottom platform. Mobile.

Client Richard Lampert
Date 2005